Our honourable guests!
We welcome You on website the Cistercian monks Abbey in Wachock.

The Cistercian Order was founded in France by three saints: Saint Robert, Saint Alberic and Saint Stephen Harding in the end of XI century. St. Bernard of Clarivaux an outstanding abbot, diplomat and Doctor of the Church contributed to the development and spreading of the Cisterian Order all over Europe.
The main principles of a monastic Rule: Deep faith, conversion to God, distance from world, community life, poverty, work, discipline and simplicity.

In Poland, Cistercian, contributed in considerable degree to spreading  agriculture, to the progress of civilisation and to the development of culture. One of the best kept monuments of Romanesque Cistercian architecture in Poland is the monastery complex in Wąchock. We are cordially inviting You to visi our monastery complex in Wąchock.
The Abbey is picturesquely situated at the foot of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, in the valley of the Kamienna  river, amongst numerous forests. It was founded by Gedeon, bishop of Cracow in 1179.
Over the centuries the Cistercian managed and used the abundance of the natural resource through their diverse activity in outstanding ways: economical (agriculture, forest management and fishery), industrial (getting and processing of sandstone, ferrous metallurgy, salt production) and trade (establishing market settlements) moreover they dealt with breeding, the miller's trade and the weaving.
Nowadays a choral prayers from monks in white habits are again heard at the Abbey. Splendid Romanesque monastic complex is available for pilgrims and tourists to visit
It is worthwhile at least for a moment to stay in our abbey and come into the silence and peace, into the contemplation and prayer. To go along the medieval galleries and listen intently to the voice of past centuries. We propose our guests visiting the three-aisled Romanesque basilica, the monastic chapter house, refectory, galleries with the courtyard, seclusion cell, A museum showing the battle for the freedom and the independence of the homeland is also available for visitors.
The monastery gate is opened at hours:
Weekdays: 9:00-12:00 am.; 13:00-17:15 pm.; 18:00-18:30 pm.
Sundays and Holy Days: 9:00-13:00 am; 14:30-17:15 pm; 18:00-18:30 pm.
Our address:
Opactwo Cystersów
Ul. Kościelna 14
27-215 Wąchock
tel.: 041 275 02 00




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